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Sep 19, 2023·edited Sep 19, 2023

Archbishop Coakley's thoughtful, well written article is an important and welcome contribution to this discussion. Nevertheless, like so many other faithful Catholic commentators on this topic, his focus on pastoral tenderness when dealing with individuals suffering from gender dysphoria misses a huge obstacle in our path: those who do not suffer from gender dysphoria but actively and aggressively promote both gender ideology and "gender affirming" care. In my humble experience, these "advocates" have zero interest in dialogue or truth. They are angry ideologues, hell-bent on imposing the demonic transgender ideology on society and using every tool at their disposal to do so. Moreover, the transgender phenomenon is inextricably linked to the Sexual Revolution. In short, transgender ideology will not be overcome solely by pastoral care for those wounded by it any more than simply treating the wounded in a field hospital will win a war. The apostasy that underlies the Sexual Revolution and the heresy of moral relativism must be confronted and exposed. Together, these ideas are an Anti-Christ: the rejection of all truth and authority and the promotion of the selfish and slavish individual who places his own disordered desires and gratification at the center of the universe. Without an expanded effort against them, we will simply have a steady stream of severely, often mortally, wounded people seeking treatment in a field hospital that is itself under withering attack by the same enemy. I pray that our bishops, priests, and laity will have the courage to more effectively combat the Anti-Christ of the Sexual Revolution.

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